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How to Uncover Your Personal “Secret Ingredients”

How to Uncover Your Personal “Secret Ingredients”
"IT" is one of the world's most profitable and safely-guarded secrets.
There are only a few people in the entire world who know it.
Developed in 1940, the hand-written version of this secret is protected by a high-tech security system created especially to safeguard this valuable information.
A thief bent on stealing it would have to maneuver his way through an assortment of security measures such as motion detectors, heat sensors, thermal imaging, and cameras.
And then they would somehow have to get passed the armed guards that monitor the vault where this secret is kept.
Right about now, you're probably thinking:
"What on earth is this person referring to?"
It’s the 11 secret herbs and spices that make up Colonel Sanders' Original KFC Recipe!
It's such a tightly guarded secret that only two company executives at any one time have access to this well-guarded secret.
Plus, KFC uses multiple suppliers and each one is only privy to a part of the recipe.
Struggling to copy Colonel Sanders' most profitable recipe, many people have tried (and failed) over the years to come up with the 11 secret ingredients, the sequence, and the right proportions.
Is that crazy or what?
I mean there are only 11 ingredients, right?
You'd think someone would be able to figure this out by now.
Of course, if you've ever tried to duplicate a recipe you know it's much harder than it seems.
Same is true when it comes to your DNA.
Dynamic DNA analyzes 30 genes to determine your "secret ingredients" to maximize your nutrition and fitness training.
We all know we're different from one another; and this is the magic behind knowing your own personal "secret sauce" and the ingredients; sequence; and right proportion to propel you to a healthy lifestyle.
Just like KFC's secret recipe, Dynamic DNA can help you unlock your trade secrets via testing your DNA.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a secret and personalized recipe / game plan like that for your body ... one that removes the guess work answering the questions what to eat and how to exercise?
This exclusive "DNA recipe" provides you with the program you need to create sustainable lifestyle changes to improve your health and wellnes