Red Blood Cells

Carbon Fiber Weave

Arterial Plaque

Textile Weave

Tungsten Filament

Office Chair Fabric

Mixed Bacteria

Coffee Grounds

Printer Toner

Dragonfly Wing

Microfiber Towel

Broken Beaker

American Penny

Rhizopus Bread Mold

Adhesive Carbon Dot

Sweat Bee Leg

Lincoln on the Penny

Strawberry Surface

Beetle Spines

Strawberry Hair

Dragon Fly Wing

Sweat Bee Thorax

We use Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to examine the surface of samples using a focused beam of electrons.  We Bring Life to Art by producing images in Ultra-High Definition and Ultra-High Magnification.

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Dynamic DNA Labs is proud to offer an exciting new art form that combines technology with composition. Our microscopic art uses a Scanning Electron Microscope to examine the surface of samples and turn life to art in Ultra-High definition. In addition, we create personalized DNA artwork of your own DNA profile. Using our SEM and careful sample preparation, we can create a piece of microscopic art that will be the perfect addition to your home.

Do you want to put a scientific spin on the artwork in your home? We have the perfect product for you. Our electron microscopes are able to magnify a specimen up to one million times its actual size and the subject possibilities are endless. Dynamic DNA Labs can get you the DNA sequence of you and your family – or even your pets! Want to create a microscopic slide of your houseplants? We can do that for you. Our microscopic art creations are only limited by your imagination.

How Dynamic DNA Labs’s SEM Produces Images

A Scanning Electron Microscope utilizes the same basic principles as a light microscope, but instead of a beam of photons, the SEM focuses a beam of electrons to magnify an object. The process begins with an electron gun generating a beam of energetic electrons down a column onto a series of electromagnetic lenses. The beam is focused onto the stage where the sample lies. When the electrons collide with the sample, energetic electrons are released. These scatter patterns made by the collision provide information about the sample. Things like size, shape, and texture are discovered by a variety of sensors used to attract those scattered energetic electrons and secondary electrons. These readings are sent to the computer within the SEM to form an image of the information. The computer creates black and white, three-dimensional images. After collection of the image, colorization can be done by our Dynamic DNA Labs imaging professionals.

Uses of Microscopic Art

There is a multitude of ways you can use your microscopic art from Dynamic DNA Labs. As decorations in your home or office, you will have a conversation starter ready at all times. You can also use these art pieces as fantastic teaching tools, perfect for a school or daycare. The unique images of microbiology will be sure to spark an interest in science for your youths.

Contact Dynamic DNA Labs for More Information

Dynamic DNA Labs’ friendly staff is available to answer any questions you have about our microscopic art process. If you are interested in ordering one of our custom pieces, you can contact us at 417.317.1047 or email us at