DNA Portraits

Visualize the genes that make you unique such as: Eye color, memory, intelligence, love, and energy. Compare your similarities and differences with your family members.

There are many ways to depict family and no better way to display interconnectedness and preserve individuality by creating a family DNA portrait. Being able to compare the genes that are shared between parent and child on a canvas displays an insightful glimpse into the biology of your family.

DNA Portrait
Lindsey Koop -
 Aug 11, 2016
5 out of 5
Dynamic DNA generously donated a DNA portrait to Missouri State University's Pre Medical Society, and it was done quickly and turned out beautifully! Such a unique piece of art to have.
Chris DeLong -
 Sep 8, 2016
5 out of 5
I purchased a DNA portrait for myself and my father as a gift. The owner helped me directly and was excellent to deal with. Not only did he take the time to describe the process in which these portraits were made he gave me a tour of his lab which was pretty cool. I will def be back for more from this awesome company. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of genetic or health pre disposition testing to reach out to Dynamic DNA. They are very customer service oriented and take excellent care of their clients. A great experience and a very satisfied customer !
Ryan Lacson -
 Jan 17, 2017
5 out of 5
Austin and the entire Dynamic DNA crew has been great to deal with all around! We purchased a DNA portrait of my daughter and the entire process was simple. Austin even took the time to explain the different enzymes used and which fragmentation patterns represent which genes. My wife and I are next on the list so we can figure out which genes our daughter got from each of us!

DNArt - $199

Some of our DNA artwork

Available in a variety of colors, sizes, frames, and finishes.

Dynamic DNA Labs

All It Takes Is a Cheek Swab

Become the best version of you in four easy steps!

Dynamic DNA Labs

1. Place your Order

You’ll receive your DNA collection kit in 3-5 business days.

Dynamic DNA Labs

2. Complete Your Sample

Provide a simple cheek swab in the comfort of your home.  Send it back to us in the pre-paid mailer.

Dynamic DNA Labs

3. Analyze Your Sample 

We’ll extract your DNA then run it through a gel which separates genes by size. We then image the gel and colorize it, using the colors you choose.

Dynamic DNA Labs

4. Receive Your DNA Report

Each portrait is unique, but if you align yours with a family member’s, you may see some striking similarities!

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