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Dynamic Nutrition™ Panel

28 Genetic Traits to help Optimize
Diet, Improve Nutrition and
Harness More Energy: $199


Dynamic Fitness™ Panel

30 Genetic Traits to help Optimize
your Exercise Routine and Live
a Healthier, More Active Lifestyle: $199


Ancestry Testing

Discover who your ancestors were, and how
they lived and migrated around the the globe.
Connect with your descendants from
around the world: $149

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Genetic Testing

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  • DNA ART 

    • Visualize the genes that make you unique
    • See genes for: Eye color, Memory, Intelligence, Love, Energy
    • Compare your similarities and differences with family members 
    • Variety of colors, sizes, frames and finishes

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    • Created using a Scanning Electron Microscope  
    • Uses a beam of electrons to generate ultra-high resolution images
    • Capable of imaging up to 1,000,000x magnification

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Biomedical Research

We are dedicated to developing the biomedical field. Using modern life science research tools, we find the answers.


  • Pharmaceutical Testing
  • Disease Research
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Gene/Protein Expression Analysis
  • Electron and Fluorescent Microscopy

Our DNA testing services include:  Ancestry DNA Tests, Predisposition Screening for Cancer/Disease, Personalized Medicine Reporting (Pharmacogenomics), DNA Fitness Panels, Unknown Sample identification, Paternity testing and more.  Whether you are looking to find out more about your ancestral lineage, get an in-depth look at your inherent genetic risks, or just want to discover what makes you who you are…  Put us to the Test!

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Combining the sophistication of modern technology with the timeless craft of artisanship, we create Personalized DNA Artwork of your own unique DNA profile, or even one from your dog or cat.  We also create mind-blowing Microscopic Art that can be customized to special interests or business products.  Using a Scanning Electron Microscope and careful sample prep, we transform tiny specimens into ultra-high resolution masterpieces.

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We provide a full range of biomedical research services and capabilities:  Pharmaceutical testing, Disease research, Electron and Fluorescence Microscopy, Drug Discovery, DNA sequencing, gene expression and more.  We will also continue to be engaged in our own independent studies.  The goal of our Research will always be to advance and develop the biomedical field, ultimately improving overall human health and well being.

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Dynamic DNA Labs is a full service molecular laboratory specializing in clinical and direct-to-consumer genetic testing.  Our DNA testing services include: DNA Fitness Testing, Ancestry DNA Testing, Genetic Predisposition Testing, Personalized Medicine Reporting, Paternity Testing and more. You name it, we can probably do it.

Dynamic Fitness™ provides insight into over 30 genetic traits that will help you develop a personalized wellness plan incorporating diet and nutrition. We strongly believe that Personalized Medicine is the future of healthcare, offering 4 Pharmacogenetic Panels that report how you will respond to over 200 medications.  Our Dynamic Health Panel™ looks at key genetic markers that are linked to increased or decreased risks for common chronic conditions:  Heart Disease, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Osteoarthritis and more.

We believe that there is beauty in science and offer a wide-range of visual art products, all created here in our laboratory.  Products such as DNA Art Portraits that allow customers to view their own DNA profile in a modern and visually stunning way. We generate Microscopic Artwork using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), revealing the micro cosmos in stunning high-definition and high-resolution.

It is important for Dynamic DNA Labs to always give back and contribute to the ever-expanding field of Biology, so for this reason we continue to be engaged in high-level clinical, biomedical and nutraceutical research.  Education is very important to us, so our lab is a frequent destination for school field trips, students and people who are just interested in what we do!

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