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A Few Facts About Pharmacogenomics

A Few Facts About Pharmacogenomics

Dynamic DNA Labs Looks at a Few Facts About Pharmacogenomics Testing

Pharmacogenomics. It’s a mouthful, and it’s probably not a word you find yourself using on a regular basis. But pharmacogenomics is something your physician is probably aware of because this genetic test is helping doctors predict how their patients will respond to medications.

Pharmacogenomics is a word that the experts at Dynamic DNA Labs, a state-of-the-art genetics lab that specializes in advanced DNA testing, are also aware of because it’s part of the cutting edge work that they do. In today’s blog, Dynamic DNA Labs offers some facts about pharmacogenomics.

It Will Not Predict Illness

Unlike other genetic tests, pharmacogenomics does not measure disease risk. It does, however, allow your doctor to identify treatments that are most likely to be successful by examining how your genetic makeup will affect your response to medications.

It Doesn’t Predict Response For All Medication

Current research only supports testing for certain drugs, most commonly those for cardiology, pain management, and mental health.

One Test Could Have Value the Rest of Your Life

Your genes don’t change over time, so you only need one test to discover genetic information that could be applied to future care.

It’s Especially Helpful for Non-Responders

Non-responders are people who have tried numerous drugs to find ones that effectively treat their symptoms. For these people, pharmacogenomics tests can help explain why they didn’t respond to particular medications in the past and provide comfort in knowing that they aren’t genetically predisposed to a negative reaction to a new medication.

It’s Not a Crystal Ball

Pharmacogenomics may determine why a medicine is not working and help narrow your options. However, it won’t tell you the perfect drug for a condition, but narrowing down your options will help your physician prescribe the right medication faster.

Find Out More From Dynamic DNA Labs

Dynamic DNA Labs is a state-of-the-art genetics laboratory that specializes in advanced DNA testing. Pharmacogenomics testing is just one of the many tests offered by Dynamic DNA Labs. We also specialize in fitness and nutrition DNA tests, ancestry DNA tests, and much more. Find out more about Dynamic DNA Labs. Visit our website today.