Dynamic DNA Labs: Do Genetics Impact Your Personality?
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Dynamic DNA Labs: Do Genetics Impact Your Personality?

Dynamic DNA Labs: Do Genetics Impact Your Personality?

Personality is a complex trait that is not easy to pin down. Though your life experiences, beliefs, and values influence the type of personality you develop, genetics may be a large part of the equation. At Dynamic DNA Labs, we specialize in genetic testing, including DNA fitness testing, ethnicity testing, and more. Here, the experts at Dynamic DNA Lab discuss some of the ways your DNA influences your personality.

Nature vs. Nurture

In psychology, the nature vs. nurture debate discusses how much of your behavior is determined by your life experience and how much is determined by your genetic traits. Nature describes your genetic code, traits passed down from your parents and ancestors. Nurture describes your life experiences, which includes your upbringing, education, and social status.

Genetic Research  

The nature vs. nurture debate is a hot topic amongst psychologists, and while there is not a definitive answer, we are getting closer. As we continuously improve our understanding of DNA, it is becoming possible to link specific genes to just about anything. For example, at Dynamic DNA Labs, we specialize in medical DNA testing which can determine your likelihood of acquiring certain diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
Genetic research is now moving in the realm of personality, and scientists are finding that certain genes link to particular personality traits. Such personality traits include openness, extraversion, neuroticism, and agreeableness.  

The Answer

Although the nature vs. nurture debate has yet to be put to rest, we can at least determine that your genetics play a significant role in forming your personality. Generally, psychologists think that nature and nurture are in a constant state of interaction. While some parts of your personality are genetic, environmental factors determine how and when they are displayed. Take mental illness for example. Genetics determine your likelihood of having depression, but environmental factors – such as sedentary lifestyle, problems with family, and dissatisfaction with your job – can impact when you feel the symptoms. With these two factors always in play, it can be difficult to truly quantify how much influence your genetics have on your personality and behavior.

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At Dynamic DNA Labs, our team of geneticists is always looking for ways to help our customers better understand themselves and achieve healthier, happier lifestyles. As the field of genetic research continues to grow, the possibilities of what we can determine from DNA are endless. If you are interested in learning more about our work or scheduling a DNA fitness test, ethnicity test, or paternity test, contact Dynamic DNA Labs today at (417)-319-1047.