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How Accurate Is a Cheek Swab DNA Test?

How Accurate Is a Cheek Swab DNA Test?

The cheek swab DNA test is one of the most common kinds of DNA tests. It can be carried out at a lab, or you can complete one yourself with a DNA testing kit. Plenty of labs across the US and worldwide use a cheek swab, also known as a buccal swab, to test DNA for all kinds of research. From family trees to criminal trials, a cheek swab DNA test is simple and effective. But how effective? Even now, some people are suspicious of how accurate a cheek swab DNA test can really be. Dynamic DNA explores more in today’s blog.

How a Cheek Swab DNA Test Works

Taking a sample in a cheek swab DNA test is simple. A DNA testing kit that involves a cheek swab will come with all the equipment you need, or you can have one carried out by a professional in a lab. A small swab (like a Q-Tip) is used to scrape the inside of your cheek. If you’re doing it yourself, be careful not to get too much saliva on the swab.

A saliva test is different from a cheek swab test, so you only need to rub the swab on the tissue inside your cheek. It’s this tissue that carries the cells that are then used to perform the DNA test. These cells are analyzed for information that can reveal anything from your ancestral history to what kind of diet is best for your body.

Can You Trust Cheek Swab Results?

Generally, yes. Cheek swab test results are reliable as long as the swab is done properly. If you’re doing a cheek swab with a home testing kit, you need to make sure you carefully follow the instructions to avoid doing it wrong or contaminating the sample. If you have the swab carried out in a lab by a professional, a cheek swab can be as reliable as an actual blood test — just without the needle!

The Benefits of a Cheek Swab Test

Not having to deal with a typical blood test is certainly a big advantage of a cheek swab DNA test for a lot of the people who visit Dynamic DNA Labs. Aside from avoiding a needle, a cheek swab DNA test also has the benefit of being quick, simple, and affordable. In most cases, you can reliably carry out a cheek swab yourself and get accurate results.

Contact Dynamic DNA Labs About DNA Testing

If you’re looking for a reliable way to find out more about yourself — whether it’s to trace your ancestry or to find out more about your health and nutrition — Dynamic DNA can help. We offer in-house DNA testing in Springfield, Missouri, so you don’t have to rely on outsourced services to find out more about your DNA. Take a look at our DNA testing products or contact Dynamic DNA Labs today.


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