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How DNA Testing Benefits Disease Prevention

How DNA Testing Benefits Disease Prevention

Our health is largely determined by our genetics. Although some diseases – such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes – are partially caused by our lifestyles, heredity plays a larger role than you may think. Luckily, DNA testing provides the unique opportunity to examine your genetics and see if you are at-risk for certain diseases, opening up a world of possibilities for disease researchers and healthcare professionals. Today, Dynamic DNA Labs discusses how DNA testing can benefit the healthcare industry.

How DNA Testing Works

DNA testing is a major step in the field of medical research. For the first time, consumers have access to valuable genetic information that tells them if they are at-risk for certain diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, certain kinds of cancer, and much more. The testing process is relatively simple. Using a sample of your DNA, scientists examine if you carry any mutations on your DNA that predispose you to disease. Afterwards, they compare your results to other people in a database to see how your risk compares to the average.

Disease Prevention

Knowing if you are at risk for certain diseases eliminates some uncertainty. For the first time, you can actually know what diseases you are likely to acquire. Although this information may seem concerning at first, it can actually help you make changes to your lifestyle to prevent future problems, such as changing your diet or avoiding certain substances.
When you receive the results of your DNA test, keep in mind that the test only measures the probability that you will develop a certain disease. It does not mean that you will for sure get cancer or diabetes, only that you have a higher than average chance. Through a healthy lifestyle, you can still lower your chances of acquiring those diseases.  

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is one of the most exciting possibilities to come out of DNA testing. When it comes to disease prevention, a one-size-fits-all approach is hardly effective. Everyone is different, and although some health plans may work for some, they may not work well for others. Through DNA testing, medical professionals can create customized disease prevention strategies that work to fit your needs. We may have a long way to go for truly personalized medicine, but DNA testing is opening the door for an exciting, new medical breakthrough.

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