Dynamic DNA Labs offers more than just DNA testing. We have a wide range of processes and research we can perform for you. Dynamic DNA Labs is a fully functioning genetics lab. Our laboratory is certified by the CLIA and accredited by the College of American Pathologists. Our staff has been working for over 20 years in research, testing, and crime laboratories. We have been published in multiple scientific journals. This is all to say that we are expertly trained and experienced in any of your cellular, molecular, or microbiological needs. Below we have a sample of some of the services, research, and testing we can provide for you.


Our experts are certified and expertly trained in a large array of cellular processes, tests, and research projects. Below are some of the cellular processes we can help with:

  • Cell lines maintained for in vitro studies

  • Product Testing

    • Natural Products
    • Supplements
    • Pharmaceuticals
  • Gene and Protein Expression studies

    • Microarrays
    • Transfections
    • In situ Hybridization
    • Q-PCR / RT-PCR
  • Cell Proliferation, Cell Migration

  • Toxicity Testing

  • Microscopy Services

    • Fluorescence- visualize differences in protein expression
    • Electron- ultrastructure morphology in High Definition
      • Examine structural changes in response to stimuli
DDL Image Microscope - Capabilities of Dynamic DNA Labs Testing
DNA in a pill - Capabilities of Dynamic DNA Labs Testing


Need an expert for a project that requires molecular analysis? Dynamic DNA Labs has the experts you need. Below are some of our molecular scientist’s capabilities:

  •    Gene expression analysis

  •    DNA Sequencing

    •  Sample Identification (i.e. plant, insect, animal, human)
    •  Forensic-type DNA Testing (Unknown samples)
  •    Microarray analysis (protein and DNA)

  •    DNA plasmid transfections

  •    Protein and DNA electrophoresis

    •  High-resolution Gel Documentation System
  •    PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), qPCR, rtPCR


In need of a microbiological scientist? Dynamic DNA Labs has experts on hand ready to problem solve. Below is a list of some of the services our experts are capable of:

  • Analytical

    • Detection, Identification, and Enumeration of Bacteria, Molds and Viruses
      • Food/Raw Materials
      • Finished Products
      • Stability testing
      • Shelf-Life
  • Environmental

    • Water Quality testing
      • Bacterial (Coliform, E. Coli, Enterococci, Source-Specific Bacteroides)
    • Bioremediation Studies
    • Soil Microbe testing
  • Industrial

    • Toxicity Screening
      • Antiseptics
      • Disinfectants
    • Probiotic Selection and Characterization
    • Textiles and Fabric Testing
  • Clinical

    • Antimicrobial Testing
    • Biofilm Analysis
    • Microbiota Studies
      • Gastrointestinal
      • Wound
      • Oral

Interested in Dynamic DNA Labs’ Scientific Expertise

Contact Dynamic DNA Labs today if you have any questions or want to set up an appointment. We have experts in a wide range of fields ready to take on your task. Whether you need a DNA testing service or would like to order some microscopic art for your space, you should contact the experts at Dynamic DNA Labs for your scientific needs.

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