Dynamic DNA Labs Looks at Fun Facts About Gene Expression
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Dynamic DNA Labs Looks at Fun Facts About Gene Expression

Dynamic DNA Labs Looks at Fun Facts About Gene Expression

Dynamic DNA Labs: Fun Facts About Gene Expression

Dynamic DNA Labs offers more than just DNA testing. We have a wide range of processes and research we can perform for you. We are a fully functioning genetics lab. Our staff is expertly trained and experienced in any of your cellular, molecular and microbiological needs. One of the services we offer is gene expression studies. Genes that are expressed (known as genotype) can have a major influence on the physical characteristics of cells. In today’s blog, we’re going to have some fun. Let’s look at some amusing facts about gene expression.


Clownfish follow a strict dominance hierarchy where groups have one dominant female with many males. When the dominant female is removed, the most dominant male alters his genetic expression to become female. This ability to change sex is called sequential hermaphroditism.


Some species of starfish have the ability to regenerate lost arms. They are able to switch on the genes that are involved in the developmental mechanisms in order to regrow the lost limbs and, in some cases, the limb that has been lost can express genes itself to grow an entirely new body and nervous system.

Burmese Python

Due to long periods of fasting, the Burmese python undergoes extreme fluctuations in the regulation of gene expression. The ingestion of a meal causes the upregulation of enzymes concerned with digestion, as well as working to increase the size of the gut tissues. This increase is also observed in the mass and function of the heart, pancreas, liver and kidneys before being reversed after digestion.

Grey Seals

When seal pups are born they are covered in a silky, white, non-waterproof fur. Over the next three to four weeks, they feed on their mother’s milk while developing their waterproof, grey adult pelts. The transition of adult pelt from baby fur is brought about by changes in gene expression in the developing seal.


Humans undergo changes in gene expression throughout the day which follow a 24-hour pattern known as a circadian rhythm. As a result of the changing gene expressions, certain measurable physical changes can be observed including temperature, hormone production, and brain activity. Melatonin is a hormone that anticipates the daily onset of darkness and is therefore expressed in much lower levels during the day and associated with sleep timing.

Dynamic DNA Labs

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