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How Pharmacogenetics Testing is Changing Medicine

How Pharmacogenetics Testing is Changing Medicine

Pharmacogenetics Testing: The Future of Medicine

Pharmacogenetics testing, also known as drug-gene testing, will soon change the way we approach healthcare and medicine. As technology and research develop, we are slowly moving toward a completely patient-centered healthcare system. Soon, we may be able to give people medication and treatments that are tailored to fit their unique genetic makeup. Here are just a few of things the future has in store for pharmacogenetics testing.

What is Pharmacogenetics Testing?

Pharmacogenetics testing is DNA testing designed to determine which kind of medication is right for you. You are made up of thousands of genes that you inherited from your parents. These genes determine everything about you: your hair color, eyes, body type, and even allergies and how you respond to medication.

Pharmacogenetics testing is fairly simple. A geneticist will take a sample of your DNA from a cheek swab and examine any genetic variants. Certain genes are associated with negative reactions to particular medications, and if you have these genes, geneticists can determine which medications are right for you. When you receive your results, you can share them with your healthcare provider so they know to avoid prescribing certain drugs or using certain treatments.

Current Uses of Pharmacogenetics

Recently, pharmacogenetics testing has gained a great deal of popularity. As scientists start to understand and notice more variation in the human genome, tests results become more and more accurate. Though testing is improving, it is still not widely used in the medical field. Drugs are still prescribed on a general basis, not in an individualized system.

The Future of Pharmacogenetics

In the future, it is likely that pharmacogenetics testing will be a standard medical practice. As test results continue to become more accurate, doctors will be able to tailor their prescriptions to their patient’s specific genetic profile. People will likely experience fewer adverse side-effects to medication and treatments may be more effective. However, before this kind of testing is implemented into the standard healthcare system, more research needs to take place.

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