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How Your Genetics Affect Your Capacity for Weight Loss

How Your Genetics Affect Your Capacity for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a contentious subject in the fitness world. Every professional seems to have their own methodology to get you in the shape you want. Whether it is fitness systems or special diets, seemingly no one agrees on the best way to prepare for swimsuit season. But finally, Dynamic DNA offers a science-backed method that will examine your genetic code in order to get a look at fitness and nutrition programs that will offer you customizable methods tailored to your specific genes. Lean more as Dynamic DNA discusses how your genetics impact your capacity for weight loss.

How Your DNA Impacts Your Weight Loss

As most of us know diet and exercise have a major impact on how much you weigh. However, they are not the only factors. As scientists learn more about genetic influences, we find out how certain behaviors are impacted by our genes.
For instance, a recent study found that the APOA2 gene can significantly impact how your body reacts to the food you eat. People who have this gene gain more weight when they consume saturated fats compared to those who did not have the APOA2 gene. Whereas a diet low in saturated fat caused negligible differences in weight loss between those with the gene and those without.
The IRS1 gene determines how well your body is able to process carbohydrates and your insulin sensitivity. One long-term study found that people who possessed the IRS1 gene who ate a high carbohydrate, low-fat diet composed of high-fiber whole plant foods as opposed to processed lower fiber carbs, had greater insulin sensitivity and experienced greater weight loss.
So, we can see that there are examples of how your diet is impacted by your genetic makeup. But what about exercise? As it turns fitness also can be impacted by your genes. Again, physical activity of any kind is better than none. However, choosing the right exercise for your genetic makeup can make certain exercises more efficient for your body. For instance, the genes ADRB2 and LPL both show a significant association with a person's ability to lose weight from cardio exercises. A study performed on women with both genes compared women without either genotype. The women who had the genes lost weight during the exercise, but they tended to lose less weight than the control group. Interestingly, men with both genotypes were unaffected.

What Do These Studies Tell Us?

Adopting a diet or exercise plan without knowing your specific genotype is not as reliable as learning what your body excels at. You can experience weight loss regardless of your DNA by eating a healthy, balanced meal and maintaining regular physical activity. However, you will not be as efficient in your weight loss as someone who has all their DNA information available.

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