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DNA Health Testing

Genetic testing is the process of examining your DNA to reveal mutations in your genes. In the past, doctors had to order genetic testing and were used to diagnose rare health conditions and help parents discover carrier status concerning genetic disorders. But now more people are having their DNA analyzed for various health reasons in the comfort of their homes.

At Dynamic DNA Labs, we specialize in advanced DNA testing. Our services include nutrition, family and ancestry, skin, personality, and fitness testing. We aim to provide our customers with knowledge to empower them to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

How DNA Health Testing Works

DNA testing involves providing a DNA sample. Our testing kit requires the use of cheek swabs, which are sent to our lab for analysis. The testing kit comes with all the necessary equipment; once the sample is collected, it is sent back to our labs using the prepaid package. The tissue cells collected on the swab are analyzed in our state-of-the-art genetics lab.

The analysis reveals anything you’d want to know, including the best skincare routine and your ancestral history. Within three weeks from the day we receive your sample, you receive an email notification that your test results are ready. Not to worry about interpreting the results because they come with additional information on how to interpret the results. We offer various health kits that are described below.


Nutrition is an integral part of your wellness journey. Discovering your nutritional needs, dietary requirements, and other traits such as your metabolism will enable you to live a healthier lifestyle. Our nutrition home DNA test kit helps you understand how your body handles different foods by looking at:

  • Dietary needs like your optimal diet type, fats, and sensitivity to salt
  • Food reactions, such as lactose intolerance, peanut allergy, caffeine uptake, gluten aversion, and alcohol flush
  • Eating behaviors, eating disinhibition, an inclination to overeating and snacking, satiety, and bitter taste.
  • Nutritional needs like vitamins and minerals
  • Metabolic health factors, such as oxidative stress, detoxification, and cholesterol levels
  • Exercise and weight loss factors, including obesity, response to dieting, and best diets for weight loss and regain

Understanding these gene variations provides risk assessment, explains traits and predisposition, and provides recommendations that will enable you to live a healthier lifestyle.


Our fitness DNA test is designed to analyze different genes that affect your body’s response to exercise. Muscle response to exercise gives you an idea of how your muscles behave genetically. Our test will help you discover your performance and provide recommendations for exercise recovery, workouts for gaining muscle or weight loss, and optimal fitness for cardiovascular health. These discoveries are made from testing your metabolism, muscle volume, pain tolerance, recovery time, and motivation to exercise.

Skin Care

To choose the best skincare routine for you, you need to start by understanding your skin’s characteristics. Our skin genetics tell a story about your complexion, vulnerabilities, and nutritional deficiencies. You should consider our skin DNA test kit that reveals 25 genetic traits by testing texture and elasticity, dietary requirements, sun sensitivity, and skin disorders.

Your skin profile will help you pick your ideal skincare products, understand how your skin changes as you age, and guide you on adjusting your lifestyle and diet to improve skin quality.


Our dynamic DNA personality test will help you explore your nature as influenced by your genetics. The 30 trait report relates to your mood, character, and behavior and lets you discover who you are and why you think and act in a certain way. Our test provides insight on genetic contributions to your personality, social preferences, interests, disposition, and temperament. The results are arrived at by testing your information-processing abilities, addictions, dependencies, and behavior.

In Conclusion

Dynamic DNA Labs help you improve your health by making lifestyle choices easier based on scientifically proven genetic results. Our tests are available to everyone, including health care professionals who want to give their patients the best genetic testing tailored explicitly for their needs. Our products will help you answer many of the questions you ask yourself and provide you with a clearer vision of your health, nutritional habits, and genealogy. Browse our website today to learn more about our products and have our staff answer your questions.

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