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The Six Categories Analyzed in Our DNA Fitness Test

The Six Categories Analyzed in Our DNA Fitness Test

We’d all like to be healthier. The recent New Year has many of us working to a better, healthier self. As the weeks go on, however, it can be easy to get discouraged when you aren’t seeing the results as quickly as you were hoping. Perhaps your exercise plan isn’t quite right for you! Instead of trying to guess at what you’re doing wrong, consider doing a fitness DNA test with Dynamic DNA Labs. Our test takes a look at six different categories related to fitness to see how your body is best designed for different exercises. Learn more about the categories below!


The strength aspect of the DNA fitness test focuses primarily on how your body can develop and maintain muscle mass. Muscle development is different for every person. Knowing how your body builds muscle can help you tailor your exercise regimen to truly get the best results. Paired with information on your nerve activity and how your body metabolizes glucose, the strength portion of the DNA fitness test provides truly helpful information on your muscle development.


The metabolics element of our DNA fitness test analyzes how your body responds to different stimuli. Understanding your insulin response helps you to know how much and what types of foods to eat before and after you exercise, while the fat response to exercise can help you or a personal trainer understand the best ways to maximize your body’s fat-burning potential.


Examining traits related to recovery is ideal with a DNA fitness test. Our analysis provides information on how your muscles recover from a workout, what type of sleep cycle will maximize your recovery efforts, and so much more. The analysis also identifies if you have an increased risk of tendinopathy and osteoarthritis.


When most people think of exercise, they usually think of some sort of cardio workout. However, not everyone responds to cardio workouts in the same way. A Dynamic DNA Labs fitness test will show your aerobic capacity and vascular function. Our DNA fitness test also shows how your body metabolizes nitric oxide, a vital compound that improves cardiovascular functions and can help improve sleep and memory.


The performance category of our fitness test is one that many people appreciate. This category analyzes your DNA to see what types of exercise are most beneficial for you specifically. It will also provide information on whether you would benefit more from strength training or endurance training.


We all have ideals of what we would like our bodies to look like – however, some of these ideals are not achievable or even safe for all body types. A DNA fitness test will show how muscle growth happens for you specifically, along with the optimal muscle volume your body can achieve. This information can help you identify your goals and keep you from trying to reach a fitness goal that won’t work.

A DNA Fitness Test with Dynamic DNA Labs

Avoid the guesswork and the constant trial and error when exercising. A DNA fitness test will show how your body responds to different exercises to help you tailor your plan to get the best results. And when you pair the fitness test with our nutrition DNA test, you set yourself up for the best chance of success in your goals. Order your tests online today!