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How Long Does a DNA Test Take?

There are many reasons why someone would choose to have a DNA test done. Whether it’s determining the paternity of a child, obtaining proof of siblingship, or helping individuals learn more about their families and ancestors. Whatever reason you have for looking into DNA testing services, we hope the following information will help you to make an informed decision.

Below, we will discuss the types of DNA testing, how DNA is collected, how long it takes to process a DNA test, and how much you can expect to pay to have the test administered and evaluated by a lab.

What Is a DNA Test?

When most people refer to a DNA test, they are referring to a test that compares the DNA of two or more individuals to determine if those individuals are related to one another. In these cases, a lab will usually administer either an autosomal DNA, Y-DNA, or mtDNA test. A Y-DNA test evaluates a male’s paternal lineage, while an mtDNA test evaluates a person’s maternal lineage. Since females do not have a Y chromosome, a Y-DNA test is not administered to females. An autosomal DNA test evaluates both maternal and paternal DNA.

There are also DNA tests for getting insights into your health and medicinal needs, including nutrition, fitness, skin, and personality genetic testing.

Why Get a DNA Test?

Most commonly, we see DNA testing done to determine the paternity of a child, typically after a child is born. But there are also non-invasive prenatal paternity tests available. In addition to paternity, DNA tests can also uncover a genetic link between siblings, cousins, grandparents, and other relatives. This can be helpful to families who are interested in researching their ancestry.

With non-familial genetic testing, you can personalize your health goals to your DNA. Everything from your dietary needs and exercise thresholds, to skincare requirements and even your personality, can be determined from your genes.

How Much Does a DNA Test Cost?

The cost of a DNA test can vary widely depending on which type of testing kit you purchase. Paternity and siblingship DNA tests will cost quite a bit more than, say, skin and personality testing kits. Our kits are some of the most affordable and comprehensive on the market, and the information gained is well worth the investment!

How Long Does It Take for DNA Results to Come Back?

Getting a DNA test is a multi-step process. Each step requires a varying amount of time to complete, depending on the method of testing used.

  1. First, order the test through our website. It will take between 3-5 business days to arrive at your home.
  2. Then, collect the DNA sample using the provided cheek swab in your kit. This will only take a few seconds. Give another few days for it to arrive back at our lab after you ship it to us in the prepaid mailer.
  3. Most DNA tests will be ready within three weeks after we receive your sample in our on-site lab.
  4. In total, the entire process takes about 4-6 weeks.

How Long Does an Ancestry DNA Test Take?

Ancestry DNA test results can take longer to be evaluated. This is because they usually test your and your family’s DNA to determine what, if any, familial relationship exists between you and the database of millions of DNA samples from other individuals. These complex DNA tests can take up to eight weeks once your samples arrive at the laboratory. Ancestry DNA tests can help you find long-lost family members or discover new relatives you may not have previously known about.

DNA testing is helpful in many ways. It can help determine the parentage of an individual, settle legal matters, locate lost or unknown relatives, and solve many other genetic mysteries. With the advancement of genetic technology, it is now possible for virtually anyone to obtain a fast and affordable DNA test at home or in a local laboratory. Order your DNA testing kit from Dynamic DNA Labs today!