Dynamic DNA Labs Explains Water Quality Testing
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Dynamic DNA Labs Explains Water Quality Testing

Dynamic DNA Labs Explains Water Quality Testing

Dynamic DNA Labs: How Water Quality Testing Works

It’s extremely important to test water sources for contaminants. By testing a potential drinking water source, you can make sure that it doesn’t contain any water-borne diseases. Dynamic DNA Labs offers water quality testing services if you’re in need of them. Today in the Dynamic DNA Labs blog, we’ll explain how water quality testing works and why you need it.

How Does Water Quality Testing Work?

There are a variety of different ways you can test for water quality. Here are a few of the most common testing methods.

Water Test Strips

These are the most common water testing tools available and one you may be familiar with. These strips change color based on the presence of certain chemicals such as fluoride, arsenic, and more in the water. These are very simple to use, and you can even buy them for use at home. Just dip the strip in the water and compare the color to the provided color chart to learn what chemicals are in the water. Remember, these strips have limited accuracy, and they can’t pick up every potential chemical.

Color Disks

These are more complicated to use than the test strips, but they’re also more accurate. To use this method, you put water in a plastic tube, add a powder packet, and then place the tube in a viewing box. The plastic disc is colored to indicate different chemicals. Just compare the water to the disc to find out which chemicals are present.

Microbial Testing

Potentially hazardous chemicals are not the only possible contaminate of your drinking water.  It is also possible for a wide-variety of pathogenic microorganisms to contaminate your water supply.  This contamination may result from old or broken pipes, insufficient water treatment, or nearby sewage run-off.  If you suspect any of these conditions, please consider getting your water professionally testing for the presence of pathogenic microorganisms.

Digital Testing Kit

These are the most accurate and most expensive option. If you’re not a professional, you may not get accurate results when using a digital water quality testing kit.

Dynamic DNA Labs will actually take the water sample to our lab and use the most accurate testing methods possible to determine if any harmful chemicals or microbes are present. If you truly want to make sure your water is safe and usable, let Dynamic DNA Labs take care of the testing for you. Whether you need it for recreational, agricultural, or household reasons, we can help.

Contact Dynamic DNA Labs Today for More Information

Water quality testing is far from the only service that Dynamic DNA Labs offers. We offer DNA fitness testing, DNA nutrition testing, ancestry tests, and much more. Our expert staff uses the most up-to-date-equipment to ensure that your test results are as accurate as possible. For more information about our services, contact us today.