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Genetic Testing: When to Choose Pharmacogenetics

Genetic Testing: When to Choose Pharmacogenetics

Pharmacogenetics is rapidly revolutionizing the world of medicine, and with good reason. One of the hardest things about prescribing and taking medication is not knowing how it might affect you. You may have to suffer through some unwanted reactions and side effects before landing on a treatment that works for you. But with pharmacogenetics, this issue can be solved. Today in the Dynamic DNA Labs blog we’ll talk about how genetic testing can help you get the right medication every time.

Avoid Side Effects

When reading the side effects on a prescription bottle, it can sometimes sound worse than what you’re treating. It’s also extremely frustrating to go through multiple prescriptions trying to find the right one and suffering from side effects along the way. Through genetic testing, we can help you avoid those frustrations. By testing your DNA, we can find out what kind of drugs your body is likely to have an adverse reaction to. This means, your chances of experiencing side effects become slim to none.

Get the Right Medication

Side effects can be dangerous and frustrating, but just as frustrating is going through multiple prescriptions that don’t work. This happens especially often when it comes to psychiatric medication. Often, people suffering from anxiety, depression, and other psychological conditions will go through multiple medications before finding one that works for them. With genetic testing, we can see how effective a medication might be based on your genotype. This means that you have a much better chance of the efficacy of the drug is maximized.

How it Works

We use genetic testing to test a variety of enzymes. These enzymes tell us how well your body metabolizes certain drugs. This allows us to recommend medications based on a three-level system. The systems tell whether your body metabolizes the drug normally, if the medication should have adjusted dosage, or if the drug has an increased risk of toxicity or reduced efficacy. We can also customize the test based on your needs. We test for pain medications, cardiovascular medications, psychiatric medications, and a comprehensive test that includes those and more.

Choose Dynamic DNA Labs for Genetic Testing

Pharmacogenetics require extremely accurate results, so make sure to choose a professional genetic testing service you can trust. Dynamic DNA Labs is that service. We offer genetic testing to help you figure out what medications work best for you, and we offer a variety of other DNA and genetic testing services. For more information on pharmacogenetics or our other services, contact us today.