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DNA Fitness and Myths About Muscle Building

DNA Fitness and Myths About Muscle Building

DNA Fitness Test: Myths About Muscle Building

At Dynamic DNA Labs, our Fitness DNA test will help you discover key traits for muscle energy, recovery, and fatigue. A DNA Fitness test allows you to build a better body inside and out.

Today the experts at Dynamic DNA Labs are talking muscles and myths. Read on as we bust some common myths about muscle building.

Myth: You Must Eat Large Amounts of Protein to Build Muscle

Certainly, an adequate amount of protein is essential for protein synthesis in the body and thus muscle growth — but the amount needed is nowhere near as much as people think. In fact, the average healthy diet typically provides adequate protein for muscle growth. There is no need to consume larger amounts as this may result in fat growth.

Myth: You Must Take Amino Acid and Protein Supplements

There is no evidence that protein and supplements are any more effective for muscle growth than protein found in food. Supplements can be expensive. For more affordable sources of protein look for high-quality proteins in foods such as milk, eggs, meat, and soy.

Myth: It Takes Three Sets of Exercises to Gain Muscle

Although it seems that doing more reps is more effective in terms of protein synthesis in the body, it does not appear to have an effect on muscle size. Experts now believe that muscle fiber activation is the key to increasing the strength and mass of muscle and that this is more important than the number of sets, training sessions or relative load.

Myth: Carbohydrates are Not Important in Muscle Growth

Many bodybuilders make the mistake of thinking that protein is the key nutrient required to build muscle and that carbohydrate does not play a part in muscle synthesis. Adequate carbohydrate intake can increase the ability to perform strength and resistance exercises by providing the energy the muscles need and thus can potentially contribute to more effective training sessions and increased muscle growth.

Dynamic DNA Laboratories Can Help You Make Better Fitness and Nutrition Choices

At Dynamic DNA Laboratories, we test for fitness traits to help you build a better body inside and out. All it takes is a cheek swab and you are on your way to discovering the genetic traits that set you apart. Contact us today to find out more.