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Dynamic DNA x Pure Southern Health

Dynamic DNA x Pure Southern Health

We're excited to announce our partnership with CBD company, Pure Southern Health. We take great care in cultivating partnerships with brands we believe offer the best, and we're happy to introduce you to this organization and their high-quality products. 

Pure Southern Health offers safe, effective CBD products to CBD enthusiasts. It's offerings range from CBD soothing muscle balms, creams, tinctures to immunity-boosting supplements.  

Tennessee-based wellness brand Pure Southern Health offers authentic CBD products as a natural alternative to common health problems such as pain, anxiety, depression, nerve disorders, sleep apnea, inflammation, auto immune disorders and much more. Its collection includes, moisturizing lotions, flavored CBD tinctures, soothing CBD muscle balms, and an auto-immune booster.

 Within less than a year since its inception, it has become a household name for offering exceptional customer service, high-quality, lab-tested CBD products, and for its adherence to rigorous health and safety standards. The brand also walks the extra mile to educate consumers regarding the health benefits and proper usage of CBD oils, creams, and soothing muscle balms. 

 Pure Southern Health's broad-spectrum oils are extracted from US-grown hemp flowers and the brand strives to enhance the density of health-boosting cannabinoids to promote good health, healing and induce a sense of well-being in people without the need for side-effect causing drugs. 

 The owners who launched Pure Southern Health in 2019 come from a health community giving them a broad knowledge of how the body works and how supplements as well as CBD can benefit us. Their goal is to partner with Dynamic DNA to offer the best experience with CBD with proper dosing available in the Dynamic DNA Cannabis DNA test and high-quality products. Together we are helping to promote mental and physical well-being through natural CBD products. 

 Visit www.puresouthernhealth.com and use code: DynamicDNA for 50% off your first order!