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How DNA Testing Can Benefit Adoptees

How DNA Testing Can Benefit Adoptees

For adoptees, tracing your family history can be a challenging and complicated task, but luckily, DNA testing offers a starting point. Whether you are looking to find your birth family or simply discover your ancestral roots, DNA testing opens up a world of possibilities. Here are some of the benefits testing your DNA can have for adoptees.

Discover Your Biological Roots

Many adoptees know little about their biological and genealogical roots. Although you may know a wealth of information about your adopted parents’ family histories, you may not know your own ethnicity or your birth family’s country of origin. DNA testing gives you unique insights into your personal biological roots. If you plan on doing more extensive genealogy work, this information provides a valuable starting point for your research.  

Find Your Biological Relatives

Not every adoptee is interested in meeting their birth family, but some are curious to learn more about their birth family or find out if they have any biological siblings or cousins. Through either Y-Chromosome DNA testing (which tests for a paternal line) or mitochondrial testing (which tests a maternal line), you can find relatives on either side of your family. Additionally, autosomal DNA testing can test the DNA on both sides of your family by looking at genetic information on all 23 or your chromosomes.
Through DNA testing, you can not only learn more about your family tree but you can also discover relatives that you can potentially contact. Although the possibilities are exciting, keep in mind that the results are not always consistent. In order to find relatives, they have to be in a DNA database, meaning that they also had DNA testing at some point.

Begin Genealogy Research

Even if you are not interested in meeting your biological family, DNA testing gives you a great starting point for genealogy research. With information on some of your birth relatives, you can begin researching your family history on an online database or through public records. With this small bit of information, you can start discovering your family’s past.

DNA Testing at Dynamic DNA Labs

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