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Understanding Exercise Recovery Through Genetics

Understanding Exercise Recovery Through Genetics

Each time you exercise, you push the limits of your body to lift more, run faster, and work harder. Building muscle takes time, and results definitely don’t come overnight. What many gym-goers often forget is that allowing time for recovery is just as important as time in the gym.

Exercise causes damage to muscle fibers called microtears. With enough time to repair these microtears, muscles become stronger. So what’s the optimal time for recovery? Genetic testing reveals that a person’s exercise and recovery response is as unique as their DNA. Through DNA testing, Dynamic DNA Labs can help you maximize your efforts in and out of the gym.

Strengthen Muscles and Ligaments

As you exercise, a majority of the resistance is put on both your ligaments and muscle groups. Through Fitness DNA Testing, you can learn about the strength of your ligaments, your risk for injury, and your potential for muscle growth. This gives you the knowledge you need to build an exercise plan that accounts for your body’s own unique needs for recovery after a strenuous session in the gym.

Reduce Injury Risk

Some people are more prone to injuries than others. Several of these factors that contribute to overall health and fitness can be understood through DNA. When you take a Fitness DNA Test, you can learn which stretches and workout routines are best for your body. Certain fast-moving exercises can be harmful to your ligaments and muscles, so read through your DNA test results to reduce your injury risk and optimize your exercise.

Improve Sleep Quality

A key aspect to reduce your recovery time is getting enough sleep. Sleep is the most underappreciated recovery method. Before your prioritize other recovery remedies such as ice baths and supplements, assess your sleep schedule. Fitness DNA Testing will reveal useful information such as how much time you need to sleep for the best recovery, as well as how you can improve your sleep quality.

On the Road to a Fast Recovery with a Fitness DNA Test

Recovery time outside of the gym is just as important as your workout. With the knowledge a fitness DNA test provides, you can maximize your recovery, allowing you to give your next session your all. To learn more about your own body’s recovery needs, check out our Fitness DNA test today!