Paternity Testing – Unknown Sample ID – Infidelity Testing


A core function of Dynamic DNA Laboratories is Human IDentification (HID).  With this technology we are capable of determining a wide-range of human relationships including:

◊ Paternity Testing
◊ Siblingship Testing
◊ Unknown Sample Identification
◊ Infidelity Testing

Regardless of the test, Dynamic DNA guarantees the following with each HID test that we perform:

◊ 100% Accurate Results
◊ Rapid Reporting
◊ Strict Confidentiality
◊ Easy-to-Understand Results

If there has been a nagging question in your mind regarding one of the relationships in your life we encourage to take advantage of this service and seek a concrete answer.  After placing your order, you will receive a DNA collection kit delivered directly to your doorstep.  After collecting the required samples, simply mail it back to us using the prepaid mailer.  Results are typically delivered within two days of receiving your sample.  Prior to placing your order, please feel free to contact us at info@dynamicdnalabs.com or 417.319.1047 to speak with a representative regarding your HID test.