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DNA Testing and Determining Personalized Medicine

DNA Testing and Determining Personalized Medicine

DNA Testing and the Benefits of Personalized Medicine

Modern medicine is not always effective. Medication that saves one patient’s life can cause unwanted, negative side-effects for another. Luckily, DNA testing has the potential to solve this issue. By examining the building blocks of your body, genetic testing can potentially help doctors determine how your body will react to different medications. Here are some of the ways DNA testing and personalized medicine can benefit you.

Reduce Adverse Side-Effects

The medical field today takes a “one size fits all approach.” This means particular medications are generally prescribed for certain conditions, regardless of the patient. Unfortunately, everyone has a different genetic makeup, and certain variations in one’s genetic code can cause them to react negatively to certain medications. Through DNA testing, doctors can determine which variations in the genetic code are linked to adverse side-effects to medication. If a patient has one of these variations, doctors can adjust their prescriptions. One day, adverse side-effects to medication may be a thing of the past.

Create More Effective Treatment Plans

Most medical treatments are based off a trial and error method. Doctors will prescribe a treatment method that works well for the majority of patients, and if that method does not work, they will try a different option. Take cancer patients for example. If someone is diagnosed with cancer, a doctor typically prescribes chemotherapy. If chemotherapy does not work, they will seek alternative treatments.

With personalized medicine, doctors can rely less on trial and error methods of treatment. Through DNA testing, doctors can determine which types of treatment will not work. They can then narrow down the pool of treatment options to hopefully start with the best one. This eliminates a lot of wasted time and makes healthcare more effective.

Improves Doctor-Patient Relationships

DNA testing and personalized medicine also have the potential to improve doctor-patient relationships. The doctor will have a better understanding of an individual patient, their genetic makeup, and how their body reacts to medication and treatments. This creates more understanding and trust between the doctor and patient. With personalized medicine, we can create a more patient-centered healthcare system.

Find Out More About Your Body with DNA Testing

Personalized medicine isn’t the only benefit you can experience by undergoing DNA testing. Analyzing your DNA can tell you a lot about yourself, whether it’s the ideal diet to promote weight loss or finding the roots of your family tree. To find out more about DNA analysis and testing services, contact Dynamic DNA Labs today.