Dynamic DNA Labs: Bioremediation Explained
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Dynamic DNA Labs: Bioremediation Explained

Dynamic DNA Labs: Bioremediation Explained

Dynamic DNA Labs Explains Bioremediation

Bioremediation is the use of living organisms for the recovery and clean-up of a contaminated area such as soil, air, or water. The word “bio” means life, and “remediate” means to solve a problem. “Bioremediate” means to use biological organisms to solve an environmental problem. Dynamic DNA Labs offer a full range of microbiological services pertaining to the environment. One of these is bioremediation studies. In today’s blog, the experts at Dynamic DNA Labs will take a closer look at bioremediation.

Letting Nature Take its Course

One of the most innovative ways of dealing with environmental damage by toxins and pollution is to let nature clean up the mess. Certain microscopic organisms that live in the soil can help clean up the environment by eating chemical compounds that would otherwise be harmful.

Some microbes, for example, eat oil and have been useful in cleaning up ocean water after oil spills. When oil-eating microbes digest the oil they transform it into harmless waste products such as water and carbon dioxide.

It Doesn’t Work For All Pollutants

Bioremediation provides a good cleanup strategy for some types of pollution, but it will not work for all of them. For example, bioremediation may not provide a feasible strategy at sites with high concentrations of chemicals that are toxic to most microorganisms. These chemicals include metals such as cadmium or leads and salts such as sodium chloride.

You Might Be Practicing Bioremediation In Your Own Backyard

Composting has become very popular with home gardeners. Composting is a small-scale type of bioremediation, and it’s a wonderful way to recycle garden and yard waste nutrients to create a healthy soil conditioner. You may have already created a state-of-the-art laboratory at home. The pros at Dynamic DNA Labs understand the value of science, even on a small, backyard scale.

Questions About Microbiological Services? Contact Dynamic DNA

Dynamic DNA Labs is your source for state of the art DNA testing. But we are much more than that. Our cellular, molecular, and microbiological capabilities are second to none. If you have questions about how Dynamic DNA Labs can help you, contact us today.