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How Fitness DNA Testing Helps Prepare You For A Marathon

How Fitness DNA Testing Helps Prepare You For A Marathon

Nearly every athlete has looked at someone at the top of their sport and wished they had the athletic gifts that their favorite athlete has. Young basketball players look at Lebron James and wish they could have his physical gifts and ability. The unfortunate truth is that some people are more inclined to particular athletic feats. That is not to say that you can’t be a good basketball player even if you are not 6’8”. You may just need to work a little harder or, better yet, train smarter. As scientists learn more about DNA, we are learning how some particular genomes within your DNA give you a predisposition to particular fitness training methods. Dynamic DNA offers our Fitness DNA testing package that can help unlock your DNA’s secrets and allow you to train more efficiently. In the case of runners, many are beginning to take advantage of these scientific breakthroughs to implement a more personalized training regimen when training for marathons. Learn how Dynamic DNA can give you the keys to efficient marathon training, or any other athletic sport for that matter.

Fitness DNA Testing Provides More Information

Knowing your genetic predisposition is not going to predict your athletic performance at any given sport. There are just too many other factors outside of your genes. However, thanks to relatively new scientific research we do have the ability to uncover connections between DNA and physical traits. For instance, the ACTN3 gene, also known as the “speed gene” is one of the most widely studied genes related to athletics. This gene produces alpha-actinin-3, a protein which allows particular muscle fibers to contract powerfully at high speeds. Individuals who produce more alpha-actinin-3  tend to be more adept at sprinting as opposed to long-distance running. However, a variant of this gene causes the “fast twitch” muscle fibers to behave more like “slow twitch” fibers and is found more often in endurance runners.
Gene variants like this exist all over our DNA and help to influence how our bodies react to certain types of training. With Dynamic DNA, we have the ability to study your DNA genes with our Fitness DNA Testing package. This allows us to find out which behaviors your genes are more predisposed to. For instance, if you have ACTN3, that will factor into whether you will benefit from interval training compared to endurance training when preparing for a marathon. Like we mentioned, genes are not the end-all-be-all of reaching your training goals. But they are a factor, and having more information about how your body may react to certain training methods gives you a more clear picture of how your body works.

Interested Learning More About Your Body?

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