Dynamic DNA Labs: The Functions of DNA
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Dynamic DNA Labs: The Functions of DNA

Dynamic DNA Labs: The Functions of DNA

At Dynamic DNA Labs, we have an expert understanding of DNA, but we understand that not everyone does. Short for deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA an essential component to all forms of life, and performs various functions throughout the body. To give you a better of this amazing molecule, Dynamic DNA Labs discusses some of the most important functions of DNA.

Carrying Genes

One of the main functions of DNA is carrying our genetic code. Each of our cells contains 23 different chromosomes, half of which contain DNA inherited from our mothers and half of which contain DNA inherited from our fathers. The final chromosome determines our sex, Y for male and X for female. The genetic material contained in our cells’ chromosomes determines everything about us, from our physical appearance to our athletic abilities to our chances of acquiring certain diseases. At Dynamic DNA Labs, we specialize in examining your genetic material. Through our testing, we can determine your ethnicity and genealogical roots, find out if you are susceptible to acquiring certain diseases, and help you create a diet and exercise plan that benefits your specific genetic code.

Codes Proteins

In addition to carrying your genetic material, DNA also provides coding for proteins, which are large, complex molecules that perform a variety of important functions throughout our bodies. Such functions include creating and maintaining the structure of our bodies organs and tissues, as well as controlling how our bodily systems function. Essentially, information in our DNA is transcribed into amino acids, which are considered the “building blocks” of proteins. There are 20 different amino acids – and depending on how they are ordered, amino acids create various proteins, each of which carries out a different function.


Finally, DNA constantly replicates to perform various functions throughout our bodies, such creating and maintaining your body’s cells and maintaining your body’s tissues and organs. To visualize how this replication process works, think of DNA as a zipped file on your computer’s hard drive. To copy make a copy of itself, the file unzips and reveals and a series of bases of pairs. There are four bases: adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. Once the file is copied, it rezips and the bases reconnect. Adenine can only connect with thymine, and guanine only connects with cytosine. The new file is a perfect match the original which means it can continue to perform various functions throughout the body.

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At Dynamic DNA Labs, we provide a variety of DNA testing services, including ancestry DNA tests, DNA fitness testing, and paternity tests. Our team of scientists has over 20 years of experience in DNA testing and research, and unlike our competitors, we do not outsource our services, guaranteeing you quality and accuracy. To learn more about our services or schedule DNA testing, contact Dynamic DNA Labs today!