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Learning About Your Health Through an Ancestry DNA Test

Learning About Your Health Through an Ancestry DNA Test

Ancestry DNA tests are a fun and popular form of genetic testing. They can teach you about your ethnicity, family history, and help connect you with distant relatives and confirm relationships. Surprisingly to some, ancestry DNA tests can also teach you about your health. In this blog, Dynamic DNA Labs explains some of the health information you can learn from ancestry testing.

Health Risks

Many diseases – including heart disease, celiac disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer – are genetic. Whether you develop them or not, you may be carrying genetic information that increases your chances of acquiring these diseases. Through an ancestry DNA test, you can potentially determine which diseases run in your family. By looking into the past, you can catch a glimpse of your future health. If you are adopted and know little about your family medical history, this information can be particularly valuable.

Current Wellness

Your current health is not just influenced by your environment and lifestyle. In fact, traits passed down from your ancestors have a huge impact on your wellbeing. An ancestry DNA test can provide valuable information about what type of problems run in your family or in your ethnic group that may impact your health. For example, you may learn that your family has a history of lactose intolerance. If you have been experiencing stomach aches, lactose may be the cause. With this information, you can develop a deeper understanding of your body and take steps to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Genetic Traits

Ancestry DNA tests can also give you a deeper understanding of your genetic traits, including your hair and eye color, skin pigmentation, and your chances of developing a bald spot or a widow’s peak in the future. This not only gives you a better understanding of how you will look in the future, but it can also tell you some of the traits that your children may have.

Ancestry DNA Tests at Dynamic DNA Labs

Although learning about your genealogy can teach you a lot about your health, not every ancestry DNA test will provide all this information. Instead, you may have to take a couple different, specialized DNA tests. For example, and medical DNA test can tell which diseases run in your family and a DNA fitness test will tell you about your current health. At Dynamic DNA Labs, we offer a wide-range of genetic testing services, including ancestry DNA tests. To learn more about our services, browse our site or contact us today at (417)-319-1047.