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DNA Testing and Identifying Factors in Weight Loss

DNA Testing and Identifying Factors in Weight Loss

What Can a DNA Test Identify That Helps with Weight Loss?

Starting your weight loss journey can be confusing and frustrating. With a huge variety of diet and fitness plans available (not to mention the large amount of contradictory information), it can be difficult to figure out what plan will work best for you. In past blogs, we’ve looked at general information about how DNA testing can help with weight loss. In this entry, we’re going to examine some of the specific ways DNA testing can help you with your weight loss journey.

#1. Diet or Exercise?

Diet and exercise both play a huge role in weight loss, but for some, one is more beneficial than the other. Some people are not likely to lose weight with exercise. Instead, diet is the most crucial factor. Others can be a little more relaxed with their diet as long as they exercise every day. For some, diet and exercise are of equal importance. Knowing this information can help you plan your diet and exercise plan.

#2. Types of Exercise

When it comes to losing weight, not all exercise is equal. Some forms of exercise will help you lose weight faster than others. Through DNA testing, you can determine which types of exercise will fit your weight loss goals. For example, long-distance running may not help you reach your goals, but running short, fast sprints with walking in between may do the trick. By understanding the building blocks of your body, you can make your exercise plan more effective.

#3. Types of Foods

For many people, their weight is linked to particular types of foods. Some people gain weight from eating too many carbohydrates and others gain their weight from sugar consumption. Some people can eat a high-fat diet without gaining a pound, while others experience the opposite effect. The effect food has on your body is largely genetic, and through DNA testing, you can determine which foods you should avoid. This takes some of the stress off dieting: you don’t need to avoid everything because you’ve identified the problems.

Find Personalized Help for Weight Loss

DNA testing can be incredibly helpful when you are trying to lose weight. While it may not solve all your problems, it can certainly make planning your diet and exercise program a little easier. With personalized fitness reporting, you can ignore all trendy diets and contradictory weight loss information and focus your efforts on what works best of your body.

Whether you need help losing weight, want to explore your ancestry, or you simply want to learn more about genetic code and what makes you unique, Dynamic DNA Labs is here to help. Contact us today to learn more.